About DisplayNinja


DisplayNinja is a company that mainly focuses on two things – monitors and TVs.

We will publish news stories about new monitors, TVs and other hardware that we find exciting. This includes, but is not limited to, gaming monitors, consumer monitors, professional monitors and all sorts of TVs.

We also create in-depth buying guides for consumers looking to buy the best product for a specific product category. And since our main goal is to help people, we also write knowledge-base articles, tips articles, and articles that will help you get the best out of your games.

Now, you may be asking: why are doing all of this?

Well, that’s because we benefit from it too. We are supported by something called affiliate programs, and this costs absolutely nothing for you. Our website has no ads of any kind and this is why we like this model so much. There are millions of other websites that are supported by affiliate programs as well, including all of the big technology sites you know.

We also want to let you know that we will not accept any paid endorsements of any kind and therefore, everything we write on this page is true, honest, accurate and unbiased. We spend countless hours researching products in order to find the best picks for you, and your support is greatly appreciated so that we are able to maintain our guides. Note that we are not able to test every product that we mention and that applies to our reviews too.

We want to be the #1 display resource online.

DisplayNinja is part of the same media company that operates GamingScan.

About Our Authors

DisplayNinja staff

Joseph Moore

Head Editor

Joseph has spent more than two decades writing about technology and software for several renowned online magazines and blogs. In his free time, he enjoys running (he just finished a 10k in under 55 minutes), mountain biking, and going on hikes with his lab Charlie.

DisplayNinja staff

Rob Shafer


With his background in computer science and software engineering, Rob was the ideal addition to our team. The Colorado native has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver and used to work part-time at a marketing agency. He recently quit his part-time job to work full-time at DisplayNinja.