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Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 And XBOX One For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Monitor Reviews

While using a TV as a display for your console is convenient and may seem like a good option because of its big screen, you will have to cope with the slow response time and high input lag.

That’s why for the most immersive and responsive gameplay, a gaming monitor is the right way to go.

In this list, you will find the best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One; there are several choices to choose from depending on your preferences.

The 5 Best Gaming Monitors For Xbox One And PS4 In 2019

TypeMonitorSizePanelResolutionRefresh RateVRR 
Best 32-Inch Curved MonitorASUS VA327H31.5”VA1920x108060HzNone
Best 32-inch IPS MonitorLG 32MA70HY31.5”IPS1920x108060HzNone
Budget 27-Inch Monitor For Competitive GamingAcer KG27127”TN1920x108075HzFreeSync
Best 27-Inch Curved MonitorAcer ED27327”VA1920x108075HzFreeSync
Top-Rated Monitor For Competitive Gaming BenQ ZOWIE RL2455
(Editor’s Pick)

All five console gaming monitors will provide you with an input lag performance and a response time speed that are unmatched by any TV available at this price range.

However, these monitors differ from each other in screen size, panel type, and special features, so make sure to follow our guidelines and tips in order to pick the ideal display for you.

Since this guide is primarily intended for the standard Xbox One and PS4 consoles, all monitors feature Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate.

Do you have a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X? If so, you should visit our buying guide for these consoles. But if you are looking for a monitor mainly for PC use and secondly for console gaming, check our best gaming monitor under $100, $200, and $300 buyer’s guides.

ASUS VA327H – 32″ Curved Gaming Monitor

About the Monitor

If you are looking for the biggest PC monitor for PS4 and Xbox One gaming, we don’t recommend going over 32″. Because you are limited to 1080p, a larger screen would provide you with a too pixelated picture.

The ASUS VA327H is one of the most cost-effective 32″ 1080p gaming monitors yet it offers some neat facets such as a curved screen and some exclusive gaming features.

Image Quality

The monitor is based on a VA panel which boasts an exceptional static contrast ratio of 3,000:1 as opposed to the inferior 1,000:1 ratio found on IPS and TN panels.

This allows the ASUS VA327H to deliver deeper black shades and a better relation between the brightest and the darkest colors.

Furthermore, the ASUS gaming monitor supports true 8-bit color depth, has wide 178-degree viewing angles, and a quick 4ms response time speed.

Monitor Size/Resolution

monitors for gaming xbox one

The 1920×1080 Full HD resolution on the 31.5-inch viewable screen of the ASUS VA327H monitor provides a rather poor pixel density of only 70 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). For comparison, a standard 24″ 1080p monitor has roughly 92 PPI.

In short, this means that the display isn’t practical for PC use. You can use it to check your e-mails, web-surf for a bit, and play a movie but for other activities that require you to be closer to the screen for a prolonged time, it’s unusable due to the lack of image clarity and sharpness.

From a distance and in video games or movies, this won’t be an issue. Think of it as a small 32″ TV but with the responsiveness and speed of a gaming monitor.


gaming monitors for consoles

The ASUS VA327H console monitor offers many useful gaming features. Firstly, ‘GamePlus’ allows you to place a customizable crosshair and a timer on the screen to improve your gaming skills in FPS and RTS/RPG games.

Additionally, there are pre-calibrated GameVisual picture presets for FPS, RTS/RPG, and Racing gaming genres. You can quickly access all of these settings via the monitor’s hotkeys.

Finally, there’s the TraceFree feature which puts the response time speed in overdrive to further eliminate ghosting and motion blur.

Keep in mind that while the response time speed is faster than that of any TV in this price range, some trailing of fast-moving objects in dark scenes will still be noticeable. Many can tolerate this, but if you are looking for a monitor primarily for competitive fast-paced gameplay, you should look for a display with a TN panel.

Design & Connectivity

xbox one and ps4 gaming monitors 2018

There are two HDMI ports and a VGA port, so you can have both your console and your PC connected to the monitor simultaneously and then simply change the input source to switch between the devices. You will also find a headphones jack and two 2W integrated speakers.

The design features reasonably thick bezels with a protective non-glare coating. The yellowish/gold-colored base provides -5, +10 tilt adjustment though you can detach the screen and mount it on a wall or a desk stand via 100 x 100mm VESA pattern. Lastly, the screen is 1800R curved for extra immersion.


All in all, we find the ASUS VA327H to be the best gaming monitor under 300 USD for console gaming if you are into casual couch gameplay. If you prefer to sit closer to the screen and aspire to professional gaming, pick a smaller monitor with a TN panel for the most responsive gameplay experience.

What We Loved

  • Large curved screen for gameplay immersion
  • High contrast ratio
  • Plenty of gaming features
  • Good value for the price

What We Didn’t Like

  • Visible ghosting in fast-paced games with dark scenes
  • Not practical for PC use due to low pixel density

LG 32MA70HY – Best 32″ IPS Gaming Monitor

About the Monitor

As an alternative to the ASUS VA327H, you have the LG 32MA70HY-P. It’s more affordable, but it’s not curved. In addition, it has an IPS panel instead – so, you won’t have any prominent ghosting in fast-paced games but black colors won’t be as deep.

Image Quality

Whereas the ASUS gaming monitor features a VA panel with a superior contrast, the IPS panel of the LG 32MA70HY excels at color accuracy and consistency.

What’s more, it has better viewing angles ensuring that the picture won’t shift in color and contrast at all when it’s viewed from skewed angles.

Lastly, IPS panels have a faster response time speed; though not as fast as that of TN panels, it’s still quick enough to eliminate most of ghosting and trailing of objects in video games.


gaming monitors for xbox one and ps4

You won’t find fancy features such as custom crosshairs and on-screen timers on the LG 32MA70HY 1080p monitor, but you will access to ‘On-Screen Control’ which allows all OSD (On-Screen Display) menu settings to be adjusted in a desktop application.

Other useful features include ‘Screen Split 2.0’ for easier multi-tasking and ‘Response Time Control’ which is an overdrive setting for the response time speed.

Just like the ASUS VA327H and, for that matter, all monitors in the list, the LG 32MA70HY is flicker-free and has a built-in low blue light filter, so you can game for hours without straining your eyes.

Design & Connectivity

best monitor for xbox one and ps4

The LG 32MA70HY Xbox One and PS4 monitor features a more simplistic and elegant design with a semi-glare 3H screen coating, a cable management bracket, -5/10 degree tilt adjustability, and VESA mount compatibility.

When it comes to connectivity, you will find an HDMI, a VGA, and surprisingly at this price point, a DisplayPort.


Although it has no exclusive gaming features nor a curved screen, the LG 32MA70HY offers vibrant colors and ghosting-free gaming experience which many players would prefer, and when you see the price, it will only sweeten the deal. In short, it’s the best gaming monitor under 200 USD in 2018 for consoles if you are looking for something of this size.

What We Loved

  • Great value for the price
  • Precise and consistent colors
  • DisplayPort connector

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not practical for PC use due to low pixel density

Acer KG271 – Budget 27-Inch Monitor For Competitive Gaming

About the Monitor

Looking for a bit smaller display that you could comfortably use for both competitive console gaming and PC use? The Acer KG271 bmiix is one of the best 27″ monitors under 200 USD just for that purpose!

Sure, 27″ 1080p monitors still have a low pixel density, but it’s much more tolerable than it’s the case with 32″ Full HD displays.

Text and tiny items are still blurry and lack details when looked up close, but less so than on 32″ models. In video games, however, it won’t be as noticeable allowing you to be as close to the screen as you’d normally do for PC use.

Image Quality

The TN panel of the Acer KG271 best budget gaming monitor for consoles offers a rapid 1ms response time speed which will ensure there’s no trace of motion blur or ghosting in fast-paced games.

However, such speed comes at a cost. The viewing angles of 170° horizontally and 160° vertically will make the picture shift in color and contrast if you’re looking at it from certain off-angles. As long as you are sitting in front of the screen though, it’s not an issue.

Moreover, in comparison to VA and IPS panels, the TN has the lowest color and picture quality. So, think over whether the faster response time speed is worth it for you.


best ps4 gaming monitor

The Acer KG271 also supports AMD FreeSync technology which works with compatible AMD graphics cards as well as Xbox One. It provides you with a variable refresh rate by allowing the monitor’s refresh rate to change dynamically thus eliminating screen tearing and stuttering without introducing noticeable input lag.

Alas, the dynamic range of FreeSync on this monitor is 48-75Hz, so it won’t be useful in all console games. You may be able to tinker with the drivers to change the range closer to 40-60Hz using the CRU method. This technology doesn’t add any cost to the monitor, and if you have both a PC with an AMD card and an Xbox One, it’s a win-win.

In the OSD menu, you will also find game-enhancing features such as the Overdrive settings, a customizable AimPoint, an FPS (Frames Per Second) counter, and ‘BlackBoost’ which increases visibility in darker areas of games when needed.

Design & Connectivity

gaming monitor ps4

There are two HDMI ports both of which support FreeSync and an additional VGA port, headphones jack, and 2x4W built-in speakers.

The Acer KG271 features ZeroFrame design with thin bezels ideal for multi-monitor gaming setups. Ergonomics include -5/15 degree tilt and VESA mount compatibility.


If you’re looking for a cheap gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One, the Acer KG271 is your best choice. On Amazon, you will also find cheaper 22″ and 24″ models.

What We Loved

  • Inexpensive
  • Plenty of gaming features including FreeSync
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Quick 1ms response time speed for ghosting-free gameplay

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pixel density still not ideal for regular PC use, but okay for gaming

Acer ED273 – 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor

About the Monitor

In case you’re after something a bit different and in-between the monitors listed so far, meet the Acer ED273 wmidx, a 27-inch curved display with a VA panel and AMD FreeSync.

Image Quality

Just like the ASUS VA327H, the Acer ED273 has a VA panel with a 3,000:1 static contrast ratio for true blacks.

This also means that the issue with ghosting and motion blur is present, so avoid this display if you are primarily a competitive gamer. In case you prefer immersion and picture vibrancy, the Acer ED273 is definitely one of the best gaming monitors for PS4 and Xbox One.

Other panel-related specs include the 178-degree viewing angles, a 250-nit peak brightness, a 4ms response time speed, and the 1080p screen resolution, all of which is standard at this price range.


The Acer ED273 monitor also features AMD FreeSync with a 48-75Hz range as well as the BlackBoost and OverDrive settings.

At the back of the monitor, there’s a joystick to navigate the OSD settings but the menu is a bit outdated and counter-intuitive.

Design & Connectivity

best monitor for gaming ps4

The 1800R curvature is subtle but noticeable and can definitely make the gaming experience more engaging. Moreover, the design is unique with thin bezels and white/silver finish. Unfortunately, there’s no VESA mount and the monitor is tilt-only by -5/15 degrees.

Connectivity includes a VGA, an HDMI, and a DVI port as well as a headphones jack and two 3W integrated speakers.


Overall, if you’re looking for a 27″ PS4 or Xbox gaming monitor, go with the Acer ED273 for better visuals or for the Acer KG271 for the best performance in competitive gaming.

What We Loved

  • Good value for the price
  • Unique curved design
  • High contrast ratio
  • Plenty of gaming features

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pixel density still not ideal for regular PC use, but okay for gaming
  • No VESA mount

BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 – Top-Rated Competitive eSports Gaming Monitor

About the Monitor

Looking for the best gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One? The BenQ ZOWIE RL2455 is the #1 choice of professional eSports gamers, and it’s the successor to the popular BenQ RL2455HM 24-inch console gaming monitor.

Image Quality

Naturally, the BenQ RL2455 features a TN panel for the lightning-fast 1ms response time speed though you will still have to cope with the narrow viewing angles and inferior image quality.

Make sure to keep ‘Instant Mode’ setting enabled (it’s on by default) for the best input lag performance. This feature bypasses certain image processing to further improve gameplay responsiveness.

The impeccable input lag and response time speeds make the BenQ RL2455 the best monitor for professional console gaming.

We’ve purposely picked the 24-inch version instead of the 27-inch model, as smaller monitors better handle ghosting. What’s more, you’ll have a higher pixel density making it ideal for PC use as well.


best gaming monitors for xbox one and ps4 2018

Gaming features include ‘Black eQualizer’ which alters the gamma curvature for better detail clarity in dark games.

Next, there are pre-calibrated picture presets for FPS, RTS, and Racing genres specifically optimized for popular titles such as Fortnite, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Rocket League, CoD, and many more.

You will also find ‘Smart Scaling’ and ‘Display Mode’ features which offer custom screen size and aspect ratios.

Design & Connectivity

best monitors for ps4

Although the BenQ RL2455 gaming monitor for Xbox One and PS4 has rather thick bezels, they are designed to reduce light reflection. In addition to the anti-glare screen coating, you won’t have to worry about any distractions while gaming.

The angular base also serves as a convenient place to store your controllers. The stand is tilt-only though, but it’s VESA mount compatible.

Moving on to the connectivity, there are two HDMI ports, a DVI, a VGA, a headphones jack, and finally two 2W speakers.

Other Models

On Amazon, besides the 27″ model (BenQ RL2755), you will find the BenQ RL2455T which has a height adjustable stand and another 24″ version (BenQ RL2460) with both a height adjustable stand and an additional HDMI output port that can be used for lag-free head-to-head multiplayer gaming and streaming (showcased in the video below).


In short, you can’t go wrong with the BenQ RL-series console gaming monitors. Unless you need a height adjustable stand and/or HDMI-out port, we recommend the BenQ RL2455 as the most cost-efficient monitor for hardcore console gaming.

What We Loved

  • Impressive input lag and response time speeds
  • Plenty of useful gaming features
  • Gaming-oriented design
  • Two HDMI ports

What We Didn’t Like

  • A bit pricier
  • Tilt-only design


Whichever monitor you decide for, you’ll get a much more responsive and intense gameplay experience compared to an equally priced TV.

If you are an aspiring professional gamer, we highly recommend the BenQ RL2455. Otherwise, pick the one you like the best with our guidelines in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

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