4K TV List

Are you looking for a new TV?

It shouldn’t be anything less than 4K Ultra HD. Here is a list of all TVs with 4K resolution.

Updated: September 26, 2022

TVs: 214

TVYearPanelOSHDR10+Dolby VisionLink
Element Amazon Fire TV2017VAFire TVNot TestedNo
Hisense H8C2016VAOpera TVNot TestedNo
Hisense H8F2019VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense H8G2020VAAndroid TVYesYes
Hisense H9E Plus2018VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense H9F2019VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense H9G2020VAAndroid TVYesYes
Hisense H6510G2020VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense H6570F2019VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense H6570G2020VAAndroid TVNoYes
Hisense R6090G2020VARoku TVNoYes
Insignia Fire TV Edition 4k2018VAFire TVNoNo
LeEco Super42017VAAndroid TVNot TestedNo
LG B6 OLED2016N/AWebOS 3.0Not TestedYes
LG B7/B7A OLED2017OLEDWebOSNot TestedYes
LG C6 OLED2016N/AWebOS 3.0Not TestedYes
LG C7 OLED2017OLEDWebOSNot TestedYes
LG E6 OLED2016N/AWebOS 3.0Not TestedYes
LG E7 OLED2017OLEDWebOSNot TestedYes
LG EF9500 OLED2015N/AWebOSNot TestedNo
LG EG9600 OLED2015N/AWebOSNot TestedNo
LG SJ85002017IPSWebOSNot TestedYes
LG SJ95002017IPSWebOSNot TestedYes
LG SK80002018IPSWebOSNoYes
LG SK90002018IPSWebOSNoYes
LG SK95002018IPSWebOSNoYes
LG SM86002019IPSWebOSNoYes
LG SM90002019IPSWebOSNoYes
LG SM95002019IPSWebOSNoYes
LG UF64002015IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UF68002015IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UF76002015IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UF77002015IPS (except 70")WebOSNot TestedNo
LG UF85002015IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UF95002015IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UH55002016VAWebOS 3.0Not TestedNo
LG UH61002016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedNo
LG UH61502016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedNo
LG UH65002016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedNo
LG UH65502016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedNo
LG UH77002016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedYes
LG UH85002016IPSWebOSNot TestedYes
LG UH95002016IPSWebOS 3.0Not TestedYes
LG UJ63002017IPSWebOSNot TestedNo
LG UJ77002017IPSWebOSNot TestedYes
LG UK63002018IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UK65702018IPS (except 70")WebOSNoNo
LG UK77002018IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UM69002019IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UM73002019IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UM80702019VA (except 86")WebOSNoYes
LG UN69502020VAWebOSNoNo
LG UN69702020IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UN70002020IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UN73002020IPSWebOSNoNo
LG UN85002020IPS (except 82")WebOSNoYes
Samsung JS70002015IPS (only 55")TizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JS85002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JS90002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JS95002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JU64002015IPS (only 55")TizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JU65002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JU67002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JU71002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung JU75002015VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung KS80002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KS85002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KS90002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KS95002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KU63002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KU65002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KU66002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KU70002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung KU75002016VATizen (2016)Not TestedNo
Samsung MU61002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU62902017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU63002017VA (except 43")TizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU65002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU70002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU76002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU80002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU85002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung MU90002017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung NU69002019VATizenYesNo
Samsung NU71002018VATizenYesNo
Samsung NU73002018VATizenYesNo
Samsung NU80002018VATizenYesNo
Samsung NU85002018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q6FN/Q6/Q6F QLED 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q7CN/Q7C QLED 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q7F/Q7 QLED 20172017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung Q7FN/Q7/Q7F QLED 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q8C/Q8 QLED 20172017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung Q8FN/Q8/Q8F QLED 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q9F/Q9 QLED 20172017VATizenNot TestedNo
Samsung Q9FN/Q9/Q9F QLED 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q50/Q50R QLED2019VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q60/Q60R QLED2019VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED2020VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q70/Q70R QLED2019VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q70/Q70T QLED2020VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q80/Q80R QLED2019VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED2020VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED2019VATizenYesNo
Samsung Q90/Q90T QLED2020VATizenYesNo
Samsung RU71002019VATizenYesNo
Samsung RU73002019VATizenYesNo
Samsung RU80002019VATizenYesNo
Samsung RU90002020VATizenYesNo
Samsung The Frame 20182018VATizenYesNo
Samsung The Frame 20192019VATizenYesNo
Samsung The Frame 20202020VATizenYesNo
Samsung The Sero2020IPSTizenNoNo
Samsung The Terrace2020VATizenYesNo
Samsung TU69802020VATizenYesNo
Samsung TU70002020VATizenYesNo
Samsung TU80002020VATizenYesNo
Samsung TU83002020VATizenYesNo
Sharp N7000U2016VAOpera TVNot TestedNo
Sharp UB30U2015VABasicNot TestedNo
Sharp UH30U2015VAAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony A1E OLED2017OLEDAndroid TVNot TestedYes
Sony A8F OLED2018OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony A8G OLED2019OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony A8H OLED2020OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony A9F OLED2018OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony A9G OLED2019OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony A9S OLED2020OLEDAndroid TVNoYes
Sony X690E2017VACustom SonyNot TestedNo
Sony X700D2016IPSAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X720E2017IPSCustom SonyNot TestedNo
Sony X750D2016IPSAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X750F2018IPS (only 55")Android TVNoNo
Sony X750H2020VAAndroid TVNoNo
Sony X800D2016VA (except 49")Android TVNot TestedNo
Sony X800E2017IPSAndroid TVNot TestedNo
Sony X800G2019IPSAndroid TVNoNo
Sony X800H2020IPSAndroid TVNoYes
Sony X810C2015VA (only 55")AndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X830C2015IPSAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X830F2018VAAndroid TVNoNo
Sony X850C2015VAAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X850D2016IPS (except 85")AndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X850E2017VA (except 75")Android TVNot TestedNo
Sony X850F2018IPS (except 85")Android TVNoNo
Sony X850G2019IPS (except 85")Android TVNoYes
Sony X900C2015IPSAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X900E2017VAAndroid TVNot TestedNo
Sony X900F2018VAAndroid TVNoYes
Sony X900H2020VAAndroid TVNoYes
Sony X930C2015VAAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X930D2016VAAndroidNot TestedNo
Sony X930E2017VAAndroid TVNot TestedYes
Sony X940E2017VAAndroid TVNot TestedYes
Sony X950G2019VAAndroid TVNoYes
Sony X950H2020VAAndroid TVNoYes
Sony Z9D2017VAAndroid TVNot TestedYes
Sony Z9F2018VAAndroid TVNoYes
TCL 4 Series/S434 Android 20202020VAAndroid TVNoNo
TCL 4 Series 20192018VARoku TVNoNo
TCL 4 Series 20202020VARoku TVNoNo
TCL 5 Series/S525 20192019VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 5 Series/S535 2020 QLED2020VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 5 Series 20182018VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 6 Series/R625 20192019VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED2020VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 6 Series 20182018VARoku TVNoYes
TCL 8 Series 2019/Q825 QLED2019VARoku TVNoYes
TCL C Series/C807 20172017VARoku TVNot TestedYes
TCL P Series/P607 20172017VARoku TVNot TestedYes
TCL S Series/S405 4k 20182017VARoku TVNoNo
TCL UP1302016VARokuNot TestedNo
TCL US58002016VARokuNot TestedNo
Toshiba Amazon Fire TV 20182018VAFire TVNoNo
Toshiba Fire TV 20192019VAFire TVNoYes
Toshiba Fire TV 20202020VAFire TVNoYes
Vizio D Series 4k 20162016VABasicNot TestedNo
Vizio D Series 4k 20182018VASmartCastNoNo
Vizio E Series 4k 20162016VASmartCastNot TestedNo
Vizio E Series 20172017VA (except 55")SmartCastNot TestedNo
Vizio E Series 20182018VASmartCastNoYes
Vizio M7 Series Quantum 20192019VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio M7 Series Quantum 20202020VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio M8 Series Quantum 20202020VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio M Series 20152015VA (except 49")BasicNot TestedNo
Vizio M Series 20162016VA (except 60")SmartCastNot TestedYes
Vizio M Series 20182018VASmartCastNoYes
Vizio M Series Quantum 20192019VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio M Series XLED 20172017VASmartCastNot TestedYes
Vizio OLED 20202020OLEDSmartCastYesYes
Vizio P Series 20152014VA (except 55")BasicNot TestedNo
Vizio P Series 20162016VA (except 55")SmartCastNot TestedYes
Vizio P Series 20182018VASmartCastNoYes
Vizio P Series Quantum 20182018VASmartCastNoYes
Vizio P Series Quantum 20192019VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio P Series Quantum 20202020VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio P Series Quantum X 20192019VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio P Series Quantum X 20202020VASmartCastYesYes
Vizio P Series XLED 20172017VA (except 55")SmartCastNot TestedYes
Vizio V Series 20192018VASmartCastNoYes
Vizio V Series 20202020VASmartCastYesYes