Portable Monitor List

Portable monitors are monitors without a traditional stand and usually much smaller. They’re great for portability, but they’re not nearly as good as regular monitors. Here’s a list of all portable monitors out there.

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Updated: April 23, 2019

AOC I1659FWUX15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB 3.0
AOC I1601FWUX15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
AOC E1659FWU15.6"1366x768TNUSB 3.0
ASUS MB169B+15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB 3.0
ASUS MB169C+15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
ASUS MB168B15.6"1366x768TNUSB 3.0
ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
Liliput UM707"800x480TNUSB 2.0
HP EliteDisplay S140U14"1600x900TNUSB 3.0
GeGhic 1503H15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
GeGhic 1503I15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB 3.0
GeGhic 1503E15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
GeGhic 1503A15.6"1366x768TNUSB 3.0
SunFounder10.1"1280x800IPSUSB 3.0
GeGhic 1303I13.3"1920x1080IPSUSB 3.0
ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AP15.6"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
GAEMS M15515.6"1920x1080TNUSB 3.0
GAEMS M155 720p15.6"1366x768TNUSB 3.0
G-STORY 11.6" PS4 Pro11.6"1920x1080IPSN/A
G-STORY 11.6" PS4 Slim11.6"1920x1080IPSN/A
G-STORY 11.6" PS411.6"1920x1080IPSN/A
G-STORY 11.6" Xbox One S11.6"1920x1080IPSN/A
G-STORY 11.6" Xbox One X11.6"1920x1080IPSN/A
G-STORY 17.3" 120Hz17.3"1920x1080IPSUSB-C
G-STORY 13.3" 4K13.3"3840x2160IPSUSB-C
G-STORY 13.3" 1440p13.3"2560x1440IPSUSB-C
EleDuino 10.1"10.1"2560x1600IPSUSB 3.0
EleDuino 13.3"13.3"2560x1440IPSUSB-C
EleDuino 15.6"15.6"3840x2160IPSUSB-C
UPERFECT 10.1"10.1"2560x1600IPSUSB 3.0
UPERFECT 10.1" 2K10.1"2560x1600IPSUSB 3.0
UPERFECT 15.6"15.6"3200x1800IPSUSB 3.0
UPERFECT 7"7"1024x600TNUSB 3.0