New Monitors In 2022: What To Expect

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In this article, you will find the latest news regarding monitor panel development by the three biggest monitor panel manufacturers, which include LG, Samsung, and AU Optronics, as well as Innolux, BOE, and Sharp.

We’ll also add all new and exciting monitors that get announced. Feel free to bookmark this page to always stay on track with the latest monitor releases and news.

Keep in mind that the dates in the tables below imply when the said panel should go into mass production and that these dates may change.

For news regarding OLED monitors, check out our dedicated guide about OLED panels.

Updates +

  • January 12, 2022:
    – The Samsung Odyssey G8 models are available for pre-order on Overclockers UK.
  • January 7, 2022:
    – ViewSonic revealed a new ultrawide monitor, the XG341C-2K with a 34″ 3440×1440 165Hz (200Hz OC) panel and an 1152-zone mini LED FALD backlight.
  • January 5, 2022:
    – Added a table for all monitors announced at CES 2022. It will be updated as new monitors are revealed.
  • January 4, 2022:
    – Samsung will reveal the 2022 Odyseey Neo G9 model with a 5000-zone+ mini LED FALD backlight and a 1800-nit peak brightness (full 100% window).
    – Dell and Samsung announce the first QD-OLED gaming monitors, the Alienware AW3423DW and the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB with 34″ 3440×1440 175Hz ultrawide 1800R curved screens.
  • January 3, 2022:
    – Samsung revealed the new Odyssey Neo G8 32″ 4K 240Hz curved monitor with a mini LED backlight.
  • December 22, 2021:
    – LG reveals their first monitor with the Nano IPS Black panel, the LG 32UQ85R, promising a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and 98% DCI-P3 gamut coverage. The 32″ 4K monitor is aimed at professionals and features a detachable auto self-calibration sensor.
    – LG also revealed a 16:18 DualUp monitor called the LG 28MQ780 with a 2560×2880 resolution, a Nano IPS panel and the LG Ergo Stand. It’s equivalent to two 21.5″ monitors stacked vertically.
  • December 20, 2021:
    – A newly launced monitor in China, the KTC M27P20 features a 27″ 4K 144Hz IPS panel with a 576-zone mini LED FALD backlight for ~$785. While the product likely won’t be available in the US, we hope this means we’ll start seeing more affordable mini LED monitors here soon as well.
    – Acer announced a new monitor with a peculiar form factor, the Acer Nitro XZ396QUP with a 38.5″ 2560×1440 curved VA panel.
  • December 15, 2021:
    – Acer revealed the new Predator X32 FP gaming monitor. It’s based on a 32″ 4K 165Hz 1ms IPS panel with a 512-zone mini LED FALD solution, VRR support (FreeSync Premium, G-SYNC Compatible), KVM, DisplayHDR 1000, HDMI 2.1 and USB-C (DP Alt Mode and 90W PD).
  • December 1, 2021:
    – Amazon enters the monitor market with the budget Amazon Basics 24E2QA and 27E2UA 1080p 75Hz IPS models. They are marketed as ‘Powered by AOC Technology’, so they’re likely AOC monitors with Amazon branding and design. The user manual reveals identical OSD menu layout as that of AOC monitors.
  • Novemeber 2021:
    – Added the MSI MAG281URF, another 28″ 4K 144Hz IPS gaming monitor with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayHDR 400.
    – The ViewSonic XG2431 1080p 240Hz 1ms IPS gaming monitor Blur Busters Apporved 2.0 certification is now up on Amazon!
    – Added more information about the recently announced TCL/CSOT displays.
    – Added information about AUO’s new AmLED technology and the new TCL/CSOT 32″ 4K 240Hz curved display and the 49″ 32:9 5000-zone super-ultrawide monitor.
    – The Acer Predator XB323QK NV 32″ 4K 144Hz 1ms GtG FreeSync IPS gaming monitor with USB-C (65W PD) is now available on Amazon.
    – MSI revealed the MSI MEG Artymis 341, the first 21:9 ultrawide monitor with a mini LED backlight. Known specs for now include a 1000R screen curvature , a quantum dot enhanced film layer (most likely for ~99% Adobe RGB gamut) and DisplayHDR 1000 certfication. For release date, we only know it will be some time in 2022. No word on pricing, refresh rate, response time and VRR technology yet.
  • October 2021:
    – Added more information about the following monitors:
    AOC AG274QXM (27″ 1440p 170Hz 1ms mini LED)
    AOC AG274UXP (27″ 4K 144Hz 1ms IPS HDR-600 HDMI 2.1)
    AOC AG274QG (27″ 1440p 240Hz 1ms G-SYNC HDR-600)
    Philips 279M1RV (27″ 4K 144Hz 1ms HDR-600 HDMI 2.1)
    Philips 329M1RV (32″ 4K 144Hz 1ms HDR-400 HDMI 2.1)
    Gigabyte FI32Q-X (32″ 1440p 270Hz 1ms HDR-600 HDMI 2.1)
    – The ViewSonic XG320U is now available on Amazon.
    – The MSI MPG321UR-QD is now available for pre-order.
    – Added the Acer X32 S, a newly revealed 32″ 4K 144Hz (160Hz) 1ms FreeSync IPS gaming monitor with 512-zone mini LED FALD, Adobe RGB gamut and HDMI 2.1.
  • 10/01/2021:
    – Corsair release their first monitor, the Xeneon 32QHD165.

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CES 2022 Announced Monitors

MonitorSpecificationsRelease Date, Price
ViewSonic XG341C-2K34" 3440x1440 200Hz 1152-zone Mini LED HDR-1400Q1 2022
Dell Alienware AW3423DW
Samsung Odyssey G8QNB
34” 3440x1440 QD-OLED 1800R
175Hz G-SYNC 1,000-nits
March/April 2022
Samsung Neo G8 (S32BG85)32” 4K 240Hz 1ms 1000R Mini LEDH1 2022, £1300
Samsung Neo G8 (S32BG75)32” 4K 165Hz 1ms 1000R Mini LEDH1 2022, £1100
Acer X32
HP Omen 32u
32” 4K 165Hz 1ms G-SYNC Adobe RGB 576-zone mini LED, HDR1000Q3 2022, $2000
Acer X32 FP32” 4K 165Hz 1ms FreeSync Adobe RGB, 576-zone mini LED, HDR1000, HDMI 2.1, USB-C 90W PDQ2 2022, $1800
ViewSonic XG272G-2K
27” 1440p 300Hz 1ms G-SYNC
500-zone+ mini LED
ASUS PG27AQN27” 1440p 360Hz 1ms G-SYNCN/A
Acer CG48
48” 4K 120Hz OLED FreeSync HDMI 2.1Q3 2022, $2500 (Acer)
ASUS PG42UQ42” 4K 120Hz OLED FreeSync HDMI 2.1N/A
Samsung Odyssey Ark55” 4K 16:9 1000RN/A
Dell U3223QZ
LG 32UQ85R
32” 4K ‘IPS Black’ 98% DCI-P3 HDR400 USB-CMarch, 2022 (Dell)
N/A (LG)
LG 32GQ95032” 4K 160Hz 1ms ‘A-TW Polarizer’ HDR1000 HDMI 2.1N/A
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Popular Upcoming Monitors

In the list below, we’ll keep the most looked-for upcoming monitors. The latest additions are in bold. To check out all recently announced or released displays, keep scrolling down!

MonitorSpecificationsRelease Date, Price
TCL/CSOT49" 240Hz 800R 5000-zone mini LED, 1800-nitsN/A
TCL/CSOT32" 4K 240Hz 1ms GtG 800R curvedN/A
MSI MEG Artymis 34134" Mini LED HDR1000 1000R2022
Acer XV272U KF27" 1440p 300Hz 1ms FreeSync IPS
HDR600 90% DCI-P3 HDMI 2.1
November 2021, $1100
AOC AG274QXM27" 1440p 170Hz 1ms FreeSync IPS
576-zone mini-LED FALD Adobe RGB
Acer Predator X27S27" 4K 160Hz 1ms FreeSync IPS
512-zone mini-LED FALD Adobe RGB HDMI 2.1
March 2022
ASUS PG27UQX27” 4K 144Hz IPS 576-zone mini-LED FALD
DisplayHDR 1000 G-SYNC Ultimate
Acer XB273K GS27" 4K 160Hz 1ms FreeSync IPS
DisplayHDR 600 Adobe RGB HDMI 2.1
Q1 2022
AOC AG274FZ27" 1080p 240Hz (260Hz OC) 1ms FreeSync
92% Adobe RGB
Acer XB323K32” 4K 144Hz 1ms GtG IPS HDR600 Adobe RGB
HDMI 2.1
Q3 2021
Philips 329M1RV
(USB-C 65W PD)
32” 4K 144Hz 1ms IPS HDR400 HDMI 2.1November, $1250
Philips 328M1R32” 4K 120Hz VA HDR600 HDMI 2.1N/A
Acer XB283K28” 4K 144Hz IPS HDR400 Adobe RGB HDMI 2.1N/A
Acer X2828” 4K 144Hz (155Hz OC) IPS HDR400 G-SYNCAugust, $1300
Philips 279P2MRX27” 4K 60Hz IPS 2304-zone mini-LED FALD, DisplayHDR 1400N/A
LG 32EP950
LG 32BP95E
32" 4K OLED 99% DCI-P3/Adobe RGB32EP950 (Available, $4000)
LG 27EP950
LG 27BP95E
27" 4K OLED 99% DCI-P3/Adobe RGB27EP950 (N/A, $3000)
32" 7680x4320 Adobe RGB, Thunderbolt 3Summer 2021, $5000
Sharp 8M-B32C132" 8K HDR 1000-nitsN/A
Acer X32
ViewSonic XG321UG
32” 4K 144Hz IPS 1152-zone mini-LED FALD, DisplayHDR 1400, G-SYNC UltimateASUS (Available, $3000)
LG 27GP950
Philips 279M1RV
(USB-C 65W PD)
27" 4K 160Hz IPS HDR600 HDMI 2.1LG (Available, $900)
Philips (N/A, $1000)
AOC (February 2022, $1050)


Samsung VA PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
49” 5120x1440 120Hz Curved HDR1000Now availableSamsung CRG9
49” 5120x1440 120Hz Curved HDR400Now availableAOC AG493UCX
Sceptre C505B-QSN168
49” 5120x1440 165Hz Curved HDR400N/AAOC AG493UCX2
43” 3840x1200 120Hz CurvedNow availableSamsung C43J89

(+HDR400 and FreeSync 2)
Monoprice CrystalPro
43.8” 3840x1080 120Hz CurvedN/AAcer XV431CP
Aopen 43XV1CP
43.4” 3840x1200 144Hz FreeSync 2 HDR CurvedNow availableLenovo Legion Y44W
Lenovo ThinkVision P44W
34” 3440x1440 144Hz 1500R CurvedNow availableAOC CU34G2X
Nixeus NX-EDG34S
Viotek GNV34DBE
Lenovo G34W-10
Philips 345M1CR
Iiyama GB3466WQSU-B1
Cooler Master GM34-CF
Monoprice Dark Matter
Gigabyte G34WQC
Acer Nitro XZ342CK P
Acer EI342CKR P
Xiaomi Mi Curved 34
32” 4K 120Hz CurvedN/AN/A
32” 4K 60Hz CurvedNow availableSamsung U32R590
Philips 328E1CA
27" 1440p HDR600N/AN/A
24" 1920x1200 HDR400N/AN/A
24" 1920x1200 HDR600N/AN/A
31.5" 1440p 60Hz CurvedN/AN/A
49" 5120x1440 240Hz HDR1000 1000R Curved Now availableSamsung Odyssey C49G95T
27" 1440p 240Hz HDR400 1000R CurvedNow availableAOC AGON PD27 (Porsche Design)
HP Omen 27c
27" 1440p 240Hz HDR600 1000R CurvedNow availableSamsung Odyssey C27G75T
ViewSonic VX2716-2KC-PRO
32" 1440p 240Hz HDR600 1000R CurvedNow availableSamsung Odyssey C32G75T

AU Optronics

Auo Panels 2019

In 2021 and 2022, AUO plans to develop 1080p 480Hz, 1440p 360Hz, and 4K 240Hz panels! The exact combinations of available screen sizes, panel types and other specifications are unknown at the moment, but we’ll be adding them to the tables below as AUO reveals them.

AUO Mini LED Panels

AUO Mini-LED PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
27" 4K 144Hz IPS 576-zone mini LED FALDAvailable in China, ~$785KTC M27P20
32” 4K IPS 1152-zone mini-LED FALD, Dolby Vision,
99% DCI-P3, 99.5% Adobe RGB, Delta E < 1,
Thunderbolt 3
Now availableASUS ProArt PA32UCX
27” 4K IPS 576-zone mini-LED FALD, Dolby Vision,
97% DCI-P3, 99.5% Adobe RGB, Delta E < 1
Now availableASUS ProArt PA27UCX
27” 4K 144Hz IPS FALDQ4 2019ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQX
32" 4K 120Hz VRR IPS
1152-zone Mini-LED FALD DisplayHDR 1400 HDMI 2.1
65" 4K 144Hz VA 1000-zone FALD, 2500-nits peakN/AN/A
32" 4K 144Hz IPS 1152-zone Mini LED FALD,
DisplayHDR 1400, G-SYNC Ultimate
~$3,000ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQX
Acer Predator X32
17.3" 4K 120Hz HDR1000 512-zone Mini LED FALD (Notebook display)N/AN/A
16" 2560x1600 165Hz HDR1000 512-zone Mini LED FALD (Notebook display)N/AN/A
32" 4K 160Hz 2304-zone FALD HDR600 Adobe RGBAugust 2021N/A
32" 4K 165Hz 1ms FreeSync IPS 512-zone mini LED
HDR1000 99% Adobe RGB HDMI 2.1
February 2022Acer X32 FP
(previously Acer X32 S)


AUO OLED PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
32" 4K 144HzN/AN/A
32" 8K 120HzN/AN/A

AUO TN Panels

AUO TN PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
24.5" 1080p 360HzN/AN/A

AUO IPS Panels

AUO IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
24.5" 1080p 165Hz 90% DCI-P3 HDR400 (8-zone local dimming)January 2021N/A
27" 1440p 240Hz 95% DCI-P3 400-nitsNovember 2020N/A
32" 1440p 240Hz, 99% Adobe RGB, 600-nitsSeptember 2020Acer Predator XB323U GX
(270Hz OC)
32" 1440p 165Hz HDR600October 2020N/A
32" 4K 160Hz HDR600 Adobe RGBQ4 2021N/A
27" 1440p 165Hz HDR600 Adobe RGBSeptember 2019Acer CP5271UV
(170Hz OC, June 2020, ~$700)
27" 1440p 165Hz HDR600 95% DCI-P3October 2020N/A
32" 1440pNovember 2019N/A
27” 4K 60Hz 99% Adobe RGBN/AN/A
32” 4K 60Hz 99% Adobe RGB 300-nitsOctober 2020N/A
25" 1080p 360Hz FreeSyncN/AAcer XV252QF
Aopen 25XV2Q
27" 4K 95% DCI-P3 400-nitsQ4 2020N/A
27" 4K 99% DCI-P3 400-nitsQ1 2021N/A
24" 1920x1200 sRGB 350-nitsOctober 2020N/A
30" 2560x1080 90Hz sRGB 300-nitsOctober 2020N/A
30" 2560x1080 200Hz sRGB 300-nitsNovember 2020N/A
30" 2560x1080 200Hz 95% DCI-P3 400-nitsQ1 2021N/A
27" 4K 99% Adobe RGB + 99% DCI-P3 400-nitsQ1 2021N/A
27" 1440p 300HzN/AN/A
32" 4K 60Hz 576-zone FALD HDR1000
Adobe RGB
May 2021ASUS PA32UCR
32" 4K 160Hz 576-zone FALD HDR1000
Adobe RGB
Q3 2021N/A
32" 4K 160Hz 576-zone FALD HDR600
Adobe RGB
Q3 2021N/A
27" 4K 144Hz 576-zone FALD HDR1000
Adobe RGB
Q3 2021N/A
27" 4K 160Hz HDR600 Adobe RGBQ1 2022Acer XB273K GS
25" 1080p 360Hz G-SYNCNow availableASUS PG259QN
Acer X25
Dell AW2521H
Lenovo Y25G-30
ViewSonic XG251G

AUO VA Panels

AUO VA PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
32" 1080p 240Hz 1500R CurvedJune 2021AOC C32G2Z
Philips 322M8CP
32" 1440p 240HzApril 2020N/A
34" 3440x1440 100Hz 1500RMarch 2021N/A
34" 3440x1440 165Hz 1500RMarch 2021N/A
34" 3440x1440 100Hz 1000RMarch 2021N/A
34" 3440x1440 165Hz 1000RMarch 2021N/A
32" 4K 144Hz 1000RQ3 2021N/A
32" 4K 144Hz 1500RQ3 2021N/A
32" 4K 144Hz Flat HDR600 90% DCI-P321 July, 2021N/A
32" 1440p 165Hz 1000RQ4 2020N/A
32" 1440p 240Hz 1000RMay 20 2021N/A
32" 1080p 240Hz 1500ROctober 2020N/A
32" 1080p 165Hz 1000RNovember 2020N/A
32" 1080p 240Hz 1000RSeptember 2021N/A
27" 1440p 165Hz 1000RSeptember 2020N/A
27" 1440p 165Hz 1500RSeptember 2020N/A
27" 1440p 240Hz 1000RApril 2021N/A
27" 1440p 240Hz 1500RApril 2021N/A
27" 1080p 165Hz 1000RNovember 2020N/A
27" 1080p 240Hz 1000RQ3 2021N/A
27" 1080p 240Hz 1500RQ3 2021N/A
24" 1080p 165Hz 1000RH1 2020N/A
34" 3440x1440 165Hz 1ms GtG 800RN/AN/A

New AUO Monitors

AUO announced new displays featuring built-in ART (advanced reflectionless technology) for improved reflection handling, including a 27″ 1440p 300Hz gaming display with ‘1ms latency’ and a 32″ 8K professional editing display.

We have yet to see more information regarding panel type, release date, pricing, and other specifications. We’ll update the article as soon as something new comes up. In the meantime, you can check out AUO’s page for additional information.


Just like AUO, LG plans to develop a 1080p 480Hz panel. It’s a 24.5″ IPS panel with an sRGB color gamut and DisplayHDR 400. Panel development is set for Q4 2022 though. They’re also planning a 1440p panel with a refresh rate higher than 240Hz in 2022.

Additionally, LG wants to improve response time overdrive implementations on their panels even further for less overshoot.

New LG panels will also feature reduced low-blue light emission to meet the latest Eyesafe certification.

In 2021, LG wants to extend the color gamut coverage of their panels to 100% DCI-P3 and over 90% Rec2020 in 2022.

Finally, they’re working on the ‘IPS Black’ technology. There isn’t much information available about it yet, but it’s supposed to improve blacks on their IPS panels as the name suggests. The production of the first panels utilizing this technology should start in January 2022; they’ll be available in 27″ and 32″ 4K wide color gamut variants.

On top of that, LG Display is planning 42″ OLED TVs for 2022.

Nano IPS Panels

LG Nano IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
38” 3840×1600 175Hz HDR400 G-SYNC CurvedNow AvailableLG 38GL950G
Acer Predator X38 P
38” 3840×1600 144Hz HDR600 G-SYNC Ultimate CurvedN/AMSI MEG381CQR
Acer X38S (175Hz OC, Reflex Latency Analyzer)
38” 3840×1600 144Hz HDR600 FreeSync CurvedNow available (LG)
Q3/Q4 2020 (MSI)
Q4 (Acer)
LG 38WN95C
Acer XR383CKP
38” 3840×1600 160Hz HDR600 FreeSync CurvedN/A ($1600)LG 38GN950
LG 38GN95B
34" 3440x1440 60Hz 98% DCI-P3 Flat-ScreenN/ABenQ PD3420Q
34” 3440×1440 144Hz 1ms HDR400Now availableLG 34GN850 (160Hz OC)
LG 34GP83A (160Hz OC)
Acer XR343CKP (180Hz OC)
Acer X34 GS (180Hz OC)
BenQ EX3415R
ASUS XG349C (180Hz OC)
34” 3440×1440 180Hz G-SYNC 1ms HDR400Now availableAcer X34 S
27" 4K 144Hz 1ms, 98% DCI-P3, HDR600, 'real borderless', HDMI 2.1Q1 2021LG 27GP950
27" 1440p 240Hz 1ms, 98% DCI-P3, HDR600,
31.5" 4K 60Hz, 99.5% DCI-P3, HDR1000, Mini-LED w/ 2,000+ zonesN/AN/A
31.5" 4K 144Hz 98% DCI-P3 HDR1000Q2 2022N/A
31.5" 8K Adobe RGBN/AN/A
40" 5120x2160 98% DCI-P3 2500R Q1 2021N/A
32" 1440p 165Hz 1msNow availableLG 32GP83B
LG 32GP850 (180Hz OC)
27" 4K 144Hz 99.5% DCI-P3 1560-zone Mini LED FALD HDR1000 Q4 2022N/A

LG IPS Panels

LG IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
49” 5120x1440 CurvedNow availableDell U4919DW
LG 49WL95
49” 5120x1440 144Hz CurvedQ4 2019N/A
31.5" 4K HDR1000 BT2020Q4 2019N/A
25" 1920x1200 sRGBN/AN/A
27" 1080p 240Hz 1msQ4 2019N/A
24.5" 1080p 240Hz 1msQ3 2020N/A
31.5" 1440p 165HzN/AN/A
24.5" 1080p 480Hz sRGB HDR400Q4 2022N/A
1440p 240Hz+2022N/A
38" 3840x1600 165Hz 2500R HDR600 (750-nits) 95% DCI-P3Acer XR383CURN/A

LG IPS Black Panels

LG IPS Black PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
32” 4K HDR-400N/ADell U3223QZ
LG 32UQ85R


Innolux IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
Megazone 31.5” 4K 120Hz/144Hz
7ms (GtG) HDR1000 94% DCI-P3
MiniLED 31.5” 4K 120Hz/144Hz
7ms (GtG) 1000-nits 95% BT 2020
31.5” 4K 120Hz/144Hz 90% DCI-P3
7ms (GtG)
28” 4K 120Hz/144Hz 90% DCI-P3
5ms (GtG)
27" 1440p 165Hz
7ms (GtG) w/o overdrive
March 2020N/A
27" 1080p 144Hz 7ms (GtG) 90% DCI-P3April 2020N/A
24" 1080p 165Hz 5ms (GtG) 90% DCI-P3Q3 2020Gigabyte G24F
(170Hz OC, 2ms GtG w/ OD, 1ms MPRT)
27" 1440p 60Hz sRGBQ2 2020N/A
24" 1440p 60Hz sRGBQ3 2020N/A
31.5" 4K 60Hz 7ms (GtG) 90% DCI-P3N/AN/A
31.5" 1440p 165Hz 1ms (GtG) 90% DCI-P3 HDR400Q3 2020Acer XB323QU NV
Gigabyte AORUS FI32Q
(Aim Stabilizer Sync, $800)
Gigabyte M32Q
31.5" 1440p 170Hz 1ms (GtG) 99% DCI-P3 HDR400N/AASUS VG32AQL1A
31.5" 1440p 165Hz 5ms (GtG) 90% DCI-P3 HDR600Q3 2020N/A
27" 1440p 240Hz 5ms (GtG) 90% DCI-3 HDR600Q3 2020N/A
28" 4K 144Hz 1ms GtG 98% DCI-P3 HDR400Now availableAcer XV282K KV
27" 1440p 165Hz 95% DCI-P3 1ms (GtG)N/AAcer XB273U NV (170Hz OC)
Acer XV272U KV (170Hz OC, Delta E < 1, December 2020, $400)
Acer XV272U V (170Hz OC)
34" 3440x1440 165Hz 98% DCI-P3 Flat-screenSeptember 2021N/A
34" 3440x1440 165Hz 98% DCI-P3 3800RN/AN/A
27" 1440p 240Hz+ 1ms HDR600N/AAcer XV272U KF
27" 1440p 240Hz mini LED
99% DCI-P3 HDR1000
27" 1440p 300Hz mini LEDN/AAOC AG274QGM
ViewSonic XG272G-2K


Here, you’ll find the latest panel developments regarding BOE’s ADS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch), basically IPS, panels.

BOE’s also working on their BD Cell technology, aiming to compete with OLED. It involves a dual-cell panel with ‘pixel-level backlight control’ that should bring 12-bit color depth support and a contrast ratio of up to 2,000,000:1. We’ll add more information regarding this technology and its development as it becomes available.

They also have a 32:9 1800R curved super-ultrawide OLED panel in the works, though that’s all the information we have regarding the panel at the moment.

BOE IPS Panels

BOE IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
27” 4K 99% DCI-P3/Adobe RGB 83% Rec2020 300-nitsSeptember 2020N/A
27” 4K 99% DCI-P3/Adobe RGB 83% Rec2020 400-nitsSeptmeber 2020N/A
27” 4K 90% Rec2020Q1 2021N/A
32” 4K 90% Rec2020N/AN/A
27” 4K 144HzJuly 2021N/A
27” 1080p 360HzFebruary 2021N/A
27” 1440p 240HzFebruary 2021N/A
32” 4K 144HzJanuary 2021N/A
23.8” 1080p 240HzOctober 2020Acer XV241Y X
Acer VG241Y X
ViewSonic XG2431
34” 2560x1080 165HzApril 2021N/A
34” 3440x1440 144Hz (1900R)H2 2021N/A
29” 2560x1080 165HzMay 2021N/A
29” 3440x1440May 2021N/A
25.7” 2560x1080Septmber 2020N/A
34” 5120x2160May 2021N/A
39.7” 5120x2160 (2500R)October 2021N/A
24” 2560x1600 95% DCI-P3N/AN/A
27" 4K 1000-zone Mini-LEDDecember 2020N/A
34" 3440x1440 3000-zone Mini-LEDN/AN/A
32" 4K 4000-zone Mini-LEDQ4 2021N/A
27" 1440p 144Hz 1ms GtGNow availableLG 27GN800
32" 1440p 165HzMarch 2021, $500Cooler Master GM32-FQ
1080p 480HzN/AN/A
10,000-zone FALD mini LEDN/AN/A

24″ 1080p 144Hz IPS Monitors

Refresh Rate
Color GamutErgonomics
Acer CP1241Y V165HzYes25095%
Acer RG241Y P144HzYes250sRGBTilt, VESA
Acer RX241Y P165HzHDR400400sRGBFull
Acer VG240Y S165HzYes250sRGBTilt, VESA
Acer VG240YP144HzYes250sRGBTilt, VESA
Acer VG242Y P165HzHDR400400sRGBTilt, VESA
Acer XF243YP165HzYes250sRGBFull
Acer XV240Y P165HzYes250sRGBFull
Acer XV242Y P165HzHDR400400sRGBFull
AOC 24G2144HzN/A25095%
AOC 24G2E144HzN/A25095%
Tilt, VESA
AOC 24G2U HDN-ATN144HzN/A25095%
AOC 24G2U HDP-AWB144HzN/A25095%
ASUS VG249Q144HzN/A250sRGBFull
ASUS VG249Q1A165HzN/A250sRGBTilt, VESA
ASUS VG249Q1R165HzN/A250sRGBTilt, VESA
HP X24i144HzN/A350sRGBTilt, VESA
HP X24ih144HzN/A350sRGBTilt, Height, VESA
LG 24GN600144HzYes300sRGBTilt, VESA
LG 24GN650144HzYes300sRGBTilt, Height, Pivot, VESA
MSI G241144HzN/A25095%
Tilt, VESA
MSI G242144HzN/A25095%
Tilt, VESA
MSI G242P144HzN/A25095%
Pixio PX247144HzN/A350sRGBTilt, VESA
Pixio PX248 Prime144HzN/A350sRGBTilt, VESA
Pixio PX248 Prime S165HzYes400sRGBTilt, VESA
Sceptre E248B-FPT168165HzN/A250sRGBTilt, VESA
ViewSonic XG2405144HzN/A250sRGBFull
Philips 242M8144HzN/A25095%
Tilt, VESA
Gigabyte G24F170HzYes30090%
Tilt, Height, VESA


Sharp IPS PanelPanel Production DateMonitor Name
27" 1440p 240Hz, 100% Adobe RGB, HDR400N/AGigabyte AORUS FI27Q-X
27" 1440p 170Hz, BGR layoutNow availableGigabyte M27Q

New Monitors

Below, you will find more information about new monitors by various popular manufacturers. Some of these monitors use the above-mentioned panels, but it’s unknown what panel will be used for most of them. Click on the monitor manufacturer to jump to their models.


Dell Monitors

Dell Alienware AW3423DW

Dell Alienware AW3423DW Monitor

At CES 2022, Dell will showcase the Alienware AW3423DW monitor. It’s the first QD-OLED display, and the first ultrawide OLED monitor. It’s based on a 34″ 3440×1440 screen.

Other known specs include a 175Hz maximum refresh rate and a 1800R screen curvature. Since it has an OLED panel, expect an infinite contrast ratio and instantaneous pixel response time speed.

The monitor also has an impressive 99.3% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, a 1,000-nit peak brightness and a dedicated G-SYNC module. Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports and a quad-USB 3.0 hub. It has a three-year warranty that covers burn-in.

It will be available on March 29 in North America, and on April 5 in EMEA and the UK. No word on pricing yet.

Samsung Monitors

Samsung Odyssey G8 (G8QNB)

Samsung Odyssey G8QNB

Samsung will also release a monitor based on the same QD-OLED panel as the Dell AW3423DW, the Samsung Odyssey G8QNB. No word on other specifications or release date/price yet.

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 1

At CES 2022, Samsung showcased the new Odyssey Neo G8 gaming monitor. It will be available as both a 240Hz variant (S32BG85) and a 165Hz model (S32BG75).

Both models are based on a 1000R curved VA panel with 4K UHD resolution, mini LED FALD backlight (1196 zones), Adaptive-Sync, 1ms GtG response time and a 600-nit peak brightness for SDR, 2000-nits for HDR.

Other known specs include CoreSync RGB lighting that can synchronize LEDs with on-screen content., while connectivity options include two HDMI 2.1 ports and DP 1.4.

No word on exact release date (should be H1 2022), but they’re already available for pre-order at Overclockers UK at £1100 for the Samsung S32BG75 165Hz model, and £1300 for the Samsung S32BG85 240Hz variant.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Samsung also showcased a 55″ 4K 16:9 monitor with Multi-View support, allowing you to change between different screen size/resolution formats and aspect ratios (16:9, 21:9 or 32:9) via the provided dial.

It can be used as both a vertical and horizontal screen, as pictured above.

The 55″ screen has a 1000R curvature and it’s basically equivalent to two 49″ 32:9 ultrawides on top of each other in the horizontal position – or, in the vertical position, to three 32″ monitors stacked vertically.

No word on other specs or pricing/availability yet.

LG Monitors

LG UltraFine 32UQ85R

LG UltraFine 32UQ85R Monitor

Ahead of LG’s CES 2022 virtual press conference that should take place on January 4, they revealed the UltraFine 32UQ85R, the first monitor to feature their LG Nano IPS Black technology. The screen promises a static contrast ratio of 2,000:1, which should deliver considerably deeper blacks than older IPS panels with 700:1 – 1300:1 contrast ratios.

The 32″ 4K monitor is aimed at professional colorists as it features a wide 98% DCI-P3 color gamut and a detachable auto self-calibration sensor.

Other specifications include a 400-nit peak brightness, DisplayHDR 400 certification, a 5ms GtG pixel response time speed, AMD FreeSync, a stand with height, pivot and tilt adjustments, and rich connectivity options with two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, a dual-USB hub, dual 5W integrated speakers and USB-C with DP Alt Mode and 96W PD.

Dell announced a monitor based on the same panel, the Dell U3223QZ.

No word on refresh rate, but it’s most likely limited to 60Hz.

More information, hopefully including release date and pricing, should be available on January 4.

LG DualUp 28MQ780

LG DualUp 28MQ780 Monitor

LG announced another interesting monitor, the DualUp 28MQ780, with a 16:18 aspect ratio and a 2560×2880 screen resolution for all those who need extra vertical screen space.

The screen is roughly equivalent to two 21.5″ monitors stacked vertically just without the bezels in-between them and has a high pixel density of 140 PPI (pixels per inch), the same as that of 32″ 4K displays.

Further, the 27.6″ Nano IPS panel has a wide 98% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a 300-nit peak brightness and a 5ms GtG response time speed.

It features the LG Ergo Stand with pivot, height, tilt and swivel adjustments, while the connectivity options include two HDMI ports, DisplayPort, USB-C (DP Alt Mode, 96W PD) and dual-USB hub and dual 7W integrated speakers.

LG 32GQ950

LG 32GQ950

The LG UltraGear 32GQ950 is a 32″ 4K 144Hz (160Hz OC) Nano IPS monitor with 98% DCI-P3 color gamut, 1ms GtG response time speed, HDMI 2.1 and DisplayHDR 1000.

At the moment, there’s no word on the number or type of local dimming zones, but the monitor features an A-TW Polarizer that will help with blacks and IPS glow.

We’ll update the article once we have more information about the screen.

Acer Monitors

Acer Nitro XZ396QUP
Acer Nitro XZ396QUP

The Acer XZ396QU P is a 38.5″ monitor with a 2560×1440 screen resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 76 PPI (pixels per inch), which falls in-between that of 32″ 1080p (70PPI) and 27″ 1080p (81 PPI) displays.

It uses a 3000R curved VA panel with DisplayHDR 400, FreeSync Premium, 1ms MPRT and a 165Hz refresh rate (170Hz OC). No word on a release date yet, while the price should be around $700.

Acer Predator X32 FP
Acer X32FP

The Acer Predator X32FP is probably one of the most anticipated monitors that’s been recently announced. It’s based on a fast IPS panel by AU Optronics, sporting a rapid 1ms GtG response time speed, 4K UHD resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate.

Further, it has a wide 99% Adobe RGB color gamut coverage (with an available sRGB mode), Delta E < 2 factory calibration and a 576-zone mini LED local dimming solution with a peak brightness of 1,200-nits and DisplayHDR 1000 certification.

The monitor supports Adaptive-Sync, allowing for both AMD FreeSync Premium and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible variable refresh rate.

Connectivity options include DisplayPort 1.4 with DSC, two HDMI 2.1 ports, USB-C (DP 1.4 Alt Mode, 90W PD), a USB 3.0 hub, a headphone jack, dual 7W integrated speakers and a built-in KVM switch, while the design offers VESA, tilt, height and swivel adjustments.

Similar specs are offered by the more expensive ASUS PG32UQX, though it has a more complex 1152-zone mini LED FALD backlight with a higher peak brightness.

However, the X32FP is based on a faster panel and since it doesn’t have a G-SYNC module, you’ll get HDMI 2.1, USB-C, PiP/PbP support and no integrated fan (which can be noisy and fail after some time) at a lower price. The release date should be in Q2 2022, while the price should be around $1,800.

Acer Predator X32
Acer Predator X32 1

Just like the ASUS PG32UQXE and the HP Omen 32u, the Acer Predator X32 is based on a 32″ 4K 144Hz (160Hz OC) IPS panel with a 576-zone mini LED FALD backlight, full Adobe RGB gamut coverage and G-SYNC Ultimate.

In comparison to the X32 FP variant, the X32 doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 or USB-C connectivity options. Moreover, the pixel response time speed is not specified.

The ASUS PG32UQXE variant specifies HDMI 2.1, but we don’t know what features and bandwidth it will support since HDMI 2.0 has been essentially renamed to HDMI 2.1 thus causing confusion.

The X32 should be available in Q3 2022 for ~$2,000. Expect similar pricing/release date for the PG32UQXE and Omen 32u models as well.

Acer EI491CRG9
Acer EI491CRG9 Monitor

The Acer EI491CRG9 will be based on the same panel as the new mini-LED version of the Odyssey G9, so we can expect the same key specifications.

It’s a 49″ 5120×1440 240Hz 32:9 ultrawide curved (1000R) gaming monitor with a fast 1ms GtG response time speed, “DisplayHDR 2000”, 2048-zone local dimming solution, FreeSync/G-SYNC Compatible support, and 95% DCI-P3 color gamut.

We’ll update the article once we have more information!

Update: It seems that Acer ‘paused‘ the development of the EI491CRG9, so its presentation will be delayed.

AOC Monitors


27 inch 1440p 300Hz Mini LED Gaming Monitors

The AOC AG274QGM, along with the MSI MEG271Q and the ViewSonic XG272G-2K are the first 27″ 1440p 300Hz gaming monitors with a mini LED backlight.

Additionally, the monitors will feature G-SYNC Ultimate and have a 576-zone full-array local dimming solution. Other specs include a 98% DCI-P3 color gamut and DisplayHDR 1000 certification.

These three new G-SYNC monitors will also feature Reflex Latency Analyzer, the new built-in Digital Vibrance feature and ‘Dual-Format’ that allows you to display the image in a 25″ 1080p format.

ASUS Monitors


ASUS revealed the first 1440p 360Hz gaming monitor, the ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQN with a dedicated G-SYNC module and Reflex Latency Analyzer, based on AUO’s ‘ultrafast IPS’ panel. More information to follow.


ASUS OLED Monitors

Gigabyte’s Aorus FO48U was the first viable OLED gaming monitor available. It’s based on LG’s OLED panel that’s used in their 48CX and 48C1 TVs.

Now, ASUS, Acer and AOC are joining in with their ROG Swift PG48UQ, Predator CG48 and AGON AG485UD models, with ASUS also offering a 42″ PG42UQ variant.

These new models will likely be based on the upgraded OLED Evo panels used in LG’s upcoming 42″ and 48″ C2 OLED TVs for a bit higher brightness.

ASUS also plans to add heatsinks to their models, allowing for even higher peak brightness (up to 900-nits). Additionally, they’ll use anti-glare micro-texture coatings instead of the standard glossy screen of LG’s OLED TVs for better reflection handling. However, this might negatively impact overall image quality as a glossy surface ensures more vivid colors, even if the screen is more reflective.

Other specifications of the PG48UQ/PG42UQ include 4K 120Hz, 0.1ms GtG response time speed, 98% DCI-P3 gamut, true 10-bit color depth, Delta E < 2 factory calibration, VRR support, DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.1 ports with full 48 Gbps bandwidth.

ViewSonic Monitors

ViewSonic ELITE XG341C-2K

ViewSonic announced a new ultrawide gaming monitor with a 34″ 3440×1440 curved panel and an 1152-zone mini LED FALD backlight, the XG341C-2K.

Other specifications include DisplayHDR 1400, 97% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, 165Hz (overclockable to 200Hz), FreeSync Premium Pro support and USB-C with 90W PD.

ViewSonic also specifies a 1ms MPRT response time speed, but GtG and panel type remain unknown at the moment. The monitor should be available in Q1 2022; no word on pricing though.

‘Console gaming compatibility with HDMI 2.1’ is also specified, but it’s unclear what features and bandwidth the HDMI 2.1 port(s) will have.

New Display Technology


New TCL CSOT Displays

At DTC 2021 conference, TCL/CSOT revealed the first 32″ 4K 240Hz curved display, as well as a 49″ 32:9 super-ultrawide monitor with over 5000 dimming zones, mini LED backlight and 1800-nit peak brightness, a 75″ 8K 265Hz mini LED display, and a 65″ 8K OLED.

  • 75″ 8K 265Hz a-Si 4Mask 1G1D mini LED display
  • 49″ 240Hz 800R curved mini LED display with a 5000-zone local dimming and 1800-nit peak brightness
  • 65″ 8K OLED
  • 32″ 4K 240Hz 1ms GtG 800R curved display

That’s all the information we have so far on these displays, but we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on any developments.

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