LG 24MP59G Review: 1080p 75Hz IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Looking for a budget 24" 1080p IPS monitor for gaming? Look no further; the LG 24MP59G offers all that - plus FreeSync, 75Hz, and 1ms MBR for a great price.

Bottom Line

The LG 24MP59G is one of the most affordable 24″ 1080p IPS monitors, yet it offers an abundance of exclusive gaming features, a modern design, and stunning image quality.


If you are searching for a budget IPS gaming monitor and you don’t need a higher refresh rate than 75Hz, the LG 24MP59G is an excellent choice!

Its IPS panel offers vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, while AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz and quick response time secure buttery-smooth performance.

 Image Quality

The IPS panel of the LG 24MP59G monitor offers wide 178-degree viewing angles and 8-bit color support via dithering (6-bit + FRC) covering over 99% sRGB color space.

This ensures precise and vibrant colors, while the Full HD resolution provides crisp and clear image quality.

Although the 1920×1080 resolution has four times fewer pixels than the popular 4K Ultra HD, it’s still considered as the standard. More importantly, 1080p is not very demanding, so you will be able to enjoy higher picture settings and frame rates in video games.

Other panel-related specs of the LG 24MP59G include a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, a 250-nit peak brightness, and a 5ms response time speed, which is all standard for an IPS monitor at this price range and will result in solid picture quality.

We haven’t encountered any dead pixels on the monitor while backlight bleeding and IPS glow were only perceptible in extreme conditions, as expected.

1ms Motion Blur Reduction

lg 24mp59g-p review

Enabling the 1ms Motion Blur Reduction technology in the OSD (On-Screen Display) menu turns on backlight strobing, which increases the response time speed to 1ms MPRT to reduce ghosting and motion blur of fast-moving objects.

As you can see in the image above, motion becomes more clear and less blurry, which is perfect for fast-paced FPS games such as Overwatch and CS: GO.

In other games and/or everyday use, you should disable this feature, as backlight strobing lowers the overall brightness of the screen and causes screen flickering.

Alternatively, you can enable AMD FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, which will remove screen tearing and stuttering as long as your FPS (Frames Per Second) is within the dynamic refresh rate range of 40-75Hz/FPS.

FreeSync allows the monitor to change its refresh rate dynamically and in tune with the graphics card’s capability. To enable it, you will need a FreeSync-compatible GPU.


The LG 24MP59G 1080p 75Hz monitor has more tricks up its sleeve that will come in handy for gaming. In OSD, you will find the ‘Cross Hair’ feature, which places a customizable crosshair on the screen for better aim in FPS games.

Next, ‘Black Stabilizer’ alters the gamma curvature to increase visibility in dark areas of games while ‘Dynamic Action Sync’ bypasses image processing to reduce input lag further.

Finally, the monitor has pre-calibrated gaming picture presets, two for FPS, one for RTS, and one customizable profile.

Other terrific features include ‘On-Screen Control,’ which allows you to alter monitor’s settings in a desktop application, and Screen Split for easier multi-tasking with numerous windows.

Design & Connectivity

lg 24mp59g-p specs

At the back of the monitor, you will find HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, a VGA port, and a headphones jack. The LG 24MP59G FreeSync range is 40-75Hz via both HDMI and DP.

The design is simplistic with reasonably thick bezels, a cable management bracket, and a tiltable screen by -5/15 degrees, but no VESA mount compatibility,

Price & Similar Monitors

The LG 24MP59G price is usually around $130, and it used to be one of the most cost-effective budget gaming monitors.

Now, we recommend the ASUS VA24DQ at this price range. Just like the LG 24MP59G, it has an IPS panel and supports FreeSync up to 75Hz over DisplayPort and HDMI, but it also has a VESA-mount compatible stand and ultra-thin bezels.

Nowadays, you can also get an excellent 144Hz gaming monitor such as the AOC C24G1A under $150.

It might not have as consistent colors, but it provides a more responsive gaming experience, deeper blacks due to the VA panel technology, and a better design.

For around $180, you can get the AOC 24G2, which has a 144Hz refresh rate as well as an IPS panel with accurate and vibrant colors.

Visit our best gaming monitor buyer’s guide if you want to check out more displays.

In case you’re after something more budget-friendly, you should check out the Acer SB220Q.


If a budget 24″ 1080p IPS monitor is all you need for a humble but enjoyable gaming experience, the LG 24MP59G monitor is for you.

However, you should definitely check the 144Hz models we’ve mentioned above as well.

Screen Size23.8-inch
Resolution1920×1080 (Full HD)
Panel TypeIPS
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Refresh Rate75Hz
Response Time5ms (GtG)
Motion Blur Reduction1ms (MPRT)
Adaptive SyncFreeSync (40Hz-75Hz)
PortsDisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, VGA
Other PortsHeadphone Jack
Brightness250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000:1 (static)
Colors16.7 million (6-bit + FRC)

The Pros:

  • Crisp image and vibrant colors
  • AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz
  • 1ms Motion Blur Reduction
  • DisplayPort

The Cons:

  • No VESA mount
  • Tilt-only design

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