LG 27GN950 Review: 4K 144Hz IPS FreeSync HDR Gaming Monitor

lg 27gn950 b monitor

Bottom Line The LG 27GN950 is the best 4K IPS monitor under $1000 if you need a display that’s great for color-critical work as well as gaming. It offers smooth performance thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and variable refresh rate while its IPS panel ensures accurate and vibrant colors. Additionally, the

ASUS VA24DQ Review: Affordable 24″ 1080p IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

asus va24dq

Bottom Line The ASUS VA24DQ is an affordable monitor with thin bezels, a VESA-mount compatible stand, and an IPS panel with accurate colors, wide viewing angles, and quick response time. Further, it supports FreeSync up to 75Hz and even has a DisplayPort input which is quite rare at this price range! Design: (3.6)Display: (4.5)Performance: (4.4)Price/Value:

ASUS PA278QV Review: Affordable 1440p IPS Monitor For Photo Editing

asus pa278qv monitor

Bottom Line The ASUS ProArt PA278QV is an ideal budget monitor for video/photo editors who also like to do a bit of gaming on the side. You get accurate colors, smooth performance, excellent design, rich connectivity options, and plenty of additional features. Design: (5)Display: (4.9)Performance: (4.8)Price/Value: (5) 4.9 Check Price Introduction The ASUS ProArt PA278QV

Samsung C49G95T Review: 5120×1440 240Hz 1ms FreeSync HDR Curved Gaming Monitor

samsung odyssey g9 monitor

Bottom Line The Samsung C49G95T is an amazing monitor that offers an unprecedented gaming experience thanks to its giant 49″ screen with a steep 1000R curvature. Thanks to its high contrast, strong brightness, and wide color gamut, it also delivers a gorgeous image quality while the rapid 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and G-SYNC

Samsung C32G75T Review: 1440p 240Hz 1ms FreeSync HDR Curved Gaming Monitor

samsung lc32g75tqsnxza monitor

Bottom Line The Samsung C32G75T offers a responsive gaming experience thanks to its 240Hz refresh rate and rapid 1ms GtG pixel response time speed which previously wasn’t achievable by VA panels. It also delivers an excellent image quality thanks to its high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, and high peak brightness. There are plenty of

LG 32UL500 Review: Budget 32″ 4K HDR FreeSync Monitor

lg 32ul500

Bottom Line The LG 32UL500 delivers a very immersive viewing experience considering the price thanks to its big 32″ screen with 4K resolution, high contrast ratio, and wide color gamut. It also offers plenty of useful features such as AMD FreeSync, built-in speakers, and entry-level HDR support. Design: (3.5)Display: (4.7)Performance: (4.3)Price/Value: (5) 4.4 Check Price

Acer XB253QGP Review: 1080p 144Hz IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

acer xb253qgp monitor

Bottom Line Thanks to its IPS panel, the XB253QGP offers vibrant colors and wide viewing angles while its rapid response time, 144Hz, and VRR support ensure buttery-smooth performance ideal for FPS games. It offers plenty of additional features including backlight strobing, an ergonomic stand, and rich connectivity options. However, it is somewhat pricey, so be

Dell AW2521HF Review: 1080p 240Hz IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

dell aw2521hf

Bottom Line The Dell AW2521HF is an excellent gaming monitor for the price. Thanks to its 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and AMD FreeSync, it ensures buttery-smooth performance while its IPS panel offers vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Additionally, it offers a robust and versatile design as well as extensive connectivity options –

LG 34GK950F Review: 3440×1440 144Hz FreeSync 2 HDR UltaWide Curved Gaming Monitor

Lg Ultragear 34gk950f Review

Bottom Line The LG 34GK950F is the perfect ultrawide gaming monitor. It offers an immersive image quality with stunning colors without sacrificing motion clarity. What’s more, it’s got plenty of features and a great design with plenty of connectivity options. Design: (4.5)Display: (4.8)Performance: (4.7)Price/Value: (4) 4.5 Check Price Introduction Update: The latest firmware update (3.0.1),

LG 34WK95U Review: 5120×2160 HDR UltraWide Professional Monitor

Lg 34wk95u Amazon

Bottom Line The LG 34WK95U is the first ultrawide monitor with a 5120×2160 screen resolution which in addition to the wide color gamut and HDR support makes this display the dream monitor for content creators. Design: (4.5)Display: (4.9)Performance: (4.5)Price/Value: (4) 4.5 Check Price Introduction Update: There are numerous reports of people getting faulty units of

AOC CU34G2X Review: 3440×1440 144Hz UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor

Aoc Cu34g2x Front

Bottom Line The AOC CU34G2X offers an incredible image quality with deep blacks, vivid colors, and crisp details while its 144Hz refresh rate and a range of gaming features ensure an enjoyable gaming experience. What’s more, it has an excellent design and extensive connectivity options. Its price is great as well, but there are a