What Is An Anti-Glare Screen?


An anti-glare screen is a screen that features a layer of coating that does not reflect light.

Displays with anti-glare coating, whether it’s a smartphone, a monitor, or a laptop, can be used in the bright sunlight without any issues, as opposed to the glossy screens, which are reflective.

Glare is the reflection of light from a source (such as the Sun) off of a window or a screen, which can make it hard to see what is happening on the display.

With the help of a thin matte coating, these glare effects can be reduced. However, it can also make the picture on-screen appear more fuzzy and grainy.

what is anti glare screen

Glossy Screen Vs. Matte Coating

Generally, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference. A glossy screen without anti-glare protection will allow for more intense and lifelike colors. Still, it is also very reflective, which makes the display nearly impossible to use in direct sunlight.

A display with a matte anti-glare coating removes all the reflective distractions but can have adverse effects on the image. Ideally, you want a screen with a light matte surface, which not only eliminates the glare but also preserves the picture quality.

If you mostly use your display at night and in dim-lit rooms, you won’t benefit from the anti-glare coating and should, therefore, go for a glossy screen instead. But bear in mind that if you even turn on the lights in a dark room, the screen will reflect it, which is annoying and harmful for the eyes.

In the video below, you can compare the difference between a glossy and a matte coated laptop displays.

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