Black Friday Monitor Deals 2021

Black Friday is coming so we've decided to make things easier for you and update you with the best Black Friday monitor deals as they appear. See the best Black Friday monitor deals here.

Note: This page will be updated with the best monitor deals during Black Friday 2021 and Cyber Monday 2021.

Black Friday is coming, folks. This is the time of the year where you can save tons of money by using some crazy deals on monitors and TVs.

This is also one the most stressful times of the year – what if you miss that amazing deal you’ve been waiting for? Don’t worry – we’ll do our best to help you. This is why we’ve created this page containing the best Black Friday monitor deals for 2021.

Most of these deals also apply for Cyber Monday.

Best Black Friday Monitor Deals

Let’s have a look at the current Black Friday monitor deals. All these products can easily be found on your local Amazon storefront.

We’ll be updating the section below with all the best monitor deals. So be sure to bookmark this page!

Gaming Monitor Deals

Professional Monitor Deals

Cheap Monitor Deals

What Is Black Friday?

Once every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, retailers around the world offer the best deals for tons of products – sometimes even their whole catalog.

In physical stores (mostly US), chaos ensues, as only those who are quick enough to grab the items can get the best deals. The same applies to online stores, except you just have to be fast and don’t have to cope with all the chaos associated with Black Friday in physical stores.

Black Friday occurs on November 29 this year and lasts 24 hours.

How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals

We will do our best to present you the best deals on Black Friday right here on DisplayNinja. We’ll be working overtime this day to ensure you get all the latest and hottest deals and don’t miss out on anything.

Where To Find The Best Black Friday Monitor Deals

Let’s look at some of the biggest retailers who you should check out during Black Friday as the deals here can be really unbelievable and can save you a lot of money.


The biggest online retailer, Amazon, offers some incredible deals during Black Friday. Amazon will not just have one day with Black Friday deals, but a whole Black Friday week!

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals will start 00:01 on November 22, 2020.


Newegg will offer some amazing Black Friday monitor deals as well. They will start offering deals on November 29 so be sure to check out this retailer as well.

BH Photo Video

A lesser-known alternative, BH Photo, and Video, will also offer some great Black Friday deals for monitors. They have tons of displays available so this is a must-check for Black Friday shoppers.


Walmart will most likely also offer some good monitor deals, although not many based on data from Black Friday in 2018. You should check them out anyway, though, you might never know!

Best Buy

Best Buy will also offer some monitor deals, but not many. Check them out if you have the time to see if they have some good deals.

Best Black Friday Monitor Deals 2021

Be sure to check all the stores mentioned above to scout the best deals. You can expect to save between 10-40% on monitors on Black Friday based on historical data. Sometimes even 50% for some ultra-crazy monitor deals.

So you definitely should look forward to this date to grab the best offers.


You’ve reached the end! These are the best Black Friday monitor deals available out there with instant updates so hopefully, you’ve saved some money by using this resource.

What are you going to buy during Black Friday 2021?

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