New Monitors In 2022: What To Expect

New Monitors

The only resource you need in order to keep track of upcoming monitors. We write about their specifications, traits and release dates so you know what’s coming up.

ASUS VA24EHE Review: Budget 1080p IPS Monitor

asus va24ehe review

The ASUS VA24EHE is an affordable 24″ monitor with 1080p resolution, IPS panel, and attractive ultra-thin bezels, but is it the best value monitor for you?

What Is HDMI 2.1?

What Is HDMI 2.1

HDMI 2.1 can support native 10K screen resolution, 4K 120Hz, 8K 60Hz, variable refresh rate, dynamic HDR and more! Here’s a guide.

The Best Curved Monitors (2022 Reviews)

Best Curved Monitors

Fan of curved monitors? Check out the best curved monitors currently available in various formats: ultrawide, 4K, 144Hz, and more! All budgets available.

The Best 240Hz Monitors (2022 Reviews)

Best 240Hz Gaming Monitors

See the best 240Hz gaming monitors currently available as well as everything else you need to know about high refresh-rate displays for competitive gaming!