What Is Pixel Walk Or Pixel Inversion?

Pixel Walk And Pixel Inversion

Pixel walk or pixel inversion occurs due to the display’s alternating positive and negative voltages that can manifest as different visual artifacts.

New Monitors In 2023: What To Expect

New Monitors

The only resource you need in order to keep track of upcoming monitors. We write about their specifications, traits and release dates so you know what’s coming up.

LG OLED48C3 Review: 4K 120Hz OLED TV

LG OLED48C3 Review

The LG OLED48C3 is an exceptional TV for everyday use as well as for PC and console gaming due to its amazing image quality and performance.

What Is The Soap Opera Effect?

Soap Opera Effect

Ever wonder how some TVs can show images so smooth it feels like a soap opera? That’s called the soap opera effect and here’s how it works.