The Best Mouse Pads For Gaming (2021 Reviews)

best value

Corsair MM400

hard vs soft mouse pad
  • Hard surface for extra precision
budget pick

SteelSeries QcK

gaming mouse mats
  • Cheap
  • Smooth surface
premium pick

ASUS ROG Balteus Qi

Asus Rog Balteus Qi
  • RGB LED mouse pad
  • Qi wireless charging
  • USB passthrough

Tired of using your notebook as a mouse pad because your desk is too bumpy? Is your old mouse pad worn out, and you’ve finally decided to replace it and bury it with the grace it deserves?

In this buying guide, we’ll help you find the perfect mouse pad for you.

Whether you just want a new pad for an affordable price, an advanced mat suited for hardcore gamers, or a fancy mouse pad with RGB lighting, we’ve got you covered.

TypeMouse PadWidthHeight 
Best Budget Cloth Mouse Pad269mm320mm
Best Budget Hard Surface Mouse Pad272mm352mm
Best Extended Mouse Pad914mm304mm
Best Hybrid Mouse Pad320mm274mm
Best RGB Mouse Pad260mm350mm
Best RGB + Wireless Charging Mouse Pad320mm370mm

A modern mouse no matter how sophisticated cannot reach its full playing potential without a dependable control surface to perform on.

A well-designed high-quality mouse pad is vital for enjoying PC games.

The mouse pads we’ve selected are the best choices in their categories and you can rest assured you’ll be satisfied with any of them for the money spent.

The Pros:

  • Cheap
  • Smooth surface
  • Stays in place

The Cons:

  • None

About The Mouse Pad

After extensive research and testing, we have found the top mouse pad made of fabric materials to be the SteelSeries QcK. The least expensive and regular kind of mouse pad is the traditional fabric version.

These are mainly constructed of rubberized materials using synthetic textiles interwoven into thick foam pads with soft cloth tops.

Made with smooth and even surfaces, sturdy fabric mousepads are the favorite of players who require pinpointing precision with minute frictional resistance.

The majority of FPS veterans prefer models with huge surfaces, as these allow for wide sweeping motions with low-DPI mice.

Most fabric mousepads may look and feel very similar. However, certain benefits such as anti-slip bottoms, stitched borders, and quality construction work to single out the finest over the merely competent.

For instance, the SteelSeries QcK differs appreciably from most other fabric mouse pads due to its minimal looks, large yet reasonable sizing, and quality cloth and cushioning.


If the desk you’re playing at has uneven surfaces, you should consider the SteelSeries Heavy model which is thicker and thus provides you with a more balanced mouse pad area; if the desk is in a really bad shape, there’s the QcK mass model.

In case you have limited space on your desk, you can pick the QcK mini version. Finally, you will find QcK Prism and XXL models which offer LED lighting and a desk-sized mousepad area, but we have better alternatives for these later in the article.

The Pros:

  • Works great with both optical and laser mouse
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Perfect combination of glide, control, and accuracy

The Cons:

  • A bit pricey
  • Not as portable as cloth pads

About The Mouse Pad

We find the Corsair Vengeance MM400 mouse pad to be the best hard mouse pad currently on the market. Fabric mouse pads normally employ comparable kinds of textiles and assembly methods.

Hard mouse pads, on the other hand, are constructed from a broad yet mixed range of materials, including plastic, silicone, and aluminum.

Many PC players need to perform subtle yet speedy mouse motions, and in terms of tactile quickness and resistance, there is nothing like hard mouse pads.

That is why most FPS gamers prefer such stiff models, as their hard-surfaced smoothness enables them to glide readily around with less effort.

In the end, it comes down to personal preferences.

Models come in a great variety of forms and frictional properties. You won’t have a problem finding an ideal one that fits your style of play.

That said, the simple design and ultra-fine surface of Corsair’s MM400 mouse pad will win you over. It offers the ideal balance of roughness versus smoothness.

Under the mouse pad, the rubberized bottom material keeps the mat from skidding across the desk, even with the roughest ripping moves.

With its spacious 352 x 272 mm surface area, you will have no trouble remaining ready and attentive throughout battles, at a variety of DPI settings.

If you are searching for a well-made and firm surface to zip through your screens with, you will find it in Corsair’s MM400, our pick for the best hard mouse pad.

The Pros:

  • Best extended mouse pad for the money
  • Waterproof coating
  • High-quality stitching

The Cons:

  • None

Extended Mouse Pads

Many gamers play shooters best using mice with low-DPI and decreased sensitivity configurations on large mats.

 The amount of mouse travel that’s needed to set up accurate headshots in-game would require you to have an oversized or “extended” mouse pad.

These oversized mouse pads are manufactured mainly in pliable fabric forms that are broadly sized to occupy most tables, allowing sufficient area for mice and keyboards.

If you’re the type who likes this FPS gameplay style, you are likely putting your wrist through an intensive field exercise every time.

You might think it indulgent to locate your keyboard on a mouse pad the breadth of your table front. These long mats do provide a highly consistent experience, though.

Putting your keyboard on the same level as your mouse means you won’t need to concern yourself about getting cramped, as there are oodles of space to accommodate your input devices.

This can be particularly critical whenever you must hop your mouse to different positions to complete multiple moves, instead of just sweeping imprecise shifts that use up diminishing time.

About The Mouse Pad

The Reflex Lab Pro 36 mouse pad is definitely the best-extended mouse pad out there when it comes to cost-efficiency.

At more than three feet in breadth, the Reflex Lab Pro 36 Heavy is one of the truly oversized mats of good quality. It’s sized to hold the largest available keyboards and then some.

It is from their range of premium fabric models, with features such as stitched borders to avert frayed edges, an anti-slip rubberized bottom, and is sturdily constructed to a thickness of 5mm.

As with the majority of cloth mouse pads, the Reflex Lab Pro 36 is surfaced with a smoothly woven pattern that will let you glide your mouse along its top like a skater on the powdery ice.

If you’re known to slam your mouse along the length of your table, and won’t compromise accuracy within an inch or two during turnarounds, you may find the Reflex Lab Pro 36 to be the best pick in oversized mouse pads.

The Pros:

  • Provides the speed of a hard surface
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable

The Cons:

  • Expensive

About The Mouse Pad

Not many are willing to spend almost $40 on a mouse pad, but if you’re a professional or a hardcore competitive player, you will want every advantage you can get your hands on.

Granted that you have a top-level gaming mouse, the SteelSeries DeX mouse pad will unleash its full potential.

If you have just an ordinary mouse, it goes without saying that you should get a basic mouse pad and invest the rest of the money in a better gaming mouse.

For gamers who don’t compromise, the DeX delivers what is promised.

First of all, it’s a hybrid mouse pad that combines the speed a hard surface with the comfort of a soft surface. Moreover, it has a heavy silicon base, which ensures the mouse pad will stay in place.

The low-friction design of the surface makes gliding the mouse across it feel incredibly smooth, which in turn provides you with more enjoyable gameplay with high control and accuracy.

In short, this high-end gaming pad offers the best of both worlds, and if you decide to buy it, you won’t regret it.

The Pros:

  • RGB
  • Available with either cloth or hard surface
  • Plenty of customization
  • USB passthrough

The Cons:

  • Expensive

About The Mouse Pad

If you want a fancy LED-lighted mouse pad that will impress your friends, you’ll want to go after the Corsair MM800, also referred to as Corsair Polaris – the best RGB LED mouse pad for the money.

It’s available as either a cloth or a hard surface model; the cloth version is deemed as the Corsair MM800C. Both mouse pads will provide you with the exclusive Corsair iCUE software with a range of customizable RGB modes.

You can configure the LEDs to glow in 16.7 million colors with various effects, including rainbow, wave, flash, color shift, pulse, etc. You can also adjust 15 LED zones individually and synchronize the lights with the rest of your Corsair gear.

Furthermore, the Corsair Polaris features a USB pass-through port, so you can just plug your mouse right into the mouse pad!

Although not the only RGB mouse pad out there, we’ve found the Corsair MM800 to be superior to the rivaling Razer Firefly Chroma, which lacks the USB pass-through port, has less RGB customization, and isn’t as bright.

The Corsair Polaris isn’t just about RGB, the actual mouse pad is of high-quality as well and available as a cloth or a hard surface model to suit everyone’s taste.


On Amazon, you will also be able to find the Corsair MM1000 which doesn’t feature RGB. Instead, this mouse pad offers the Qi wireless charging base, so that you can charge your wireless mouse or a compatible smartphone just by placing it on the charging zone on the pad.

The Pros:

  • RGB & Qi wireless charging
  • Micro-textured hard surface
  • Plenty of customization
  • USB passthrough

The Cons:

  • Expensive

About The Mouse Pad

In case you want both RGB lighting and the Qi wireless charging technology, the ASUS ROG Balteus Qi is the only mouse pad capable of that currently available.

It also has a bit of a different shape than the Corsair mouse pad; it’s considered as a vertical mouse pad due to its dimensions (12.6″ width and 14.6″ height vs. 13.7″ and 10.2″ respective dimensions of the Corsair MM800).

Just like Corsair’s model, the Balteus has a 15-zone customizable RGB lighting that can be synchronized with the rest of your AuraSync peripherals.

The pad has a non-slip rubber base and micro-textured hard surface, which is ideal for fast-paced games. There’s a USB 2.0 pass-through port as well.


The ASUS ROG Balteus is also available without Qi wireless charging for a lower price. Both the RGB-only model of the Balteus and the Corsair MM800 cost the same, so pick whichever you prefer, whichever is cheaper, or according to which type of RGB lighing the rest of your rig is.

How To Pick The Right Mouse Pad

Soft VS Hard Surface Mouse Pad

Once you’ve decided how much you’re willing to spend on a mouse pad, how large you want the mat to be, and whether you want it to have RGB or Qi features (or both), the most important choice lies in the type of surface.

Both hard and soft surface mouse pads have their advantages and disadvantages, but only you can decide which one is the best for your own gaming habits depending on your own preference and gameplay style.

Some users like the soft feel of the cloth surface while others prefer the plastic-type surface of a hard mouse pad.

When it comes to performance, hard mouse pads provide you with more glide, which is suited for the more aggressive players who play with high sensitivity. The cloth mouse pads, on the other hand, don’t slide as much, which makes them ideal for players who prefer lower sensitivity and accuracy over speed.

Lastly, if you have decided on a hard surface mouse pad, you should keep in mind that there are two different types: textured and smooth surfaces. A hard surface without texture will provide you with even more glide, but we’ve found the textured surfaces to be better for tracking and fast-paced gaming overall.


That’s it! Hopefully, we’ve helped you pick the best mouse pad for your budget.

If you are still uncertain, we highly recommend going with the SteelSeries QcK. You can’t go wrong with it, it’s cheap, high-quality, and a great mouse pad for gaming overall.

The Corsair MM400 is a bit more expensive, but it’s a better pick for those who play with high mouse sensitivity.

If you want something fancier, the Corsair MM800 and the ASUS ROG Balteus Qi offer brilliant features for those who are willing to pay a bit extra.

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